11th International Hilde Zadek

Voice Competition April 22-27, 2019

The Unique Competition

Focus: Opera of the 21st century

Philosophy & competition goals

In order to develop and encourage young singers, the Hildegard Zadek Foundation initiated an international voice competition with the emphasis placed on Contemporary Music in 1999. Since then the contest takes place every two years.


The emphasis on Modern Music requires not only an independent artistic interpretation but also a precise, concentrated and independent spiritual analysis of the here and now. The expectations of the participants are very high. Here they are able to measure their artistry and technical abilities before a prominent international jury.


The above criteria presumes a premediated choice. In our experience this competition often serves as inspiration for many new compositions written especially for individual competitors. Therein lies our dual idea of promoting Contemporary Music.


This unique competition was initiated in the knowledge of today´s music enterprise (industry), decades of experience in the education of aspirant singers of all nationalities and the consequent responsibility towards these young people.


From our point of view winning this competition is not the only goal for our participants. For them it also presents an opportunity to measure their individual level of skills and ability. Through “feedback” the appointed jury offers insight to orientate the young artists and gives them support for their future endeavours. For many years the permanent members of the prestigious jury, consisting of KS Hilde Zadek together with KS Christa Ludwig, KS Brigitte Fassbaender, Prof. Charles Spencer and Dr. Christian Meyer (Schönberg Centre, Vienna) and Samantha Farber (Sono Artists) who, through their high level of artistic ability and engagement, deliver a most valuable contribution.


There are not only monetary prizes, but also prizes in form of concert- and other opera engagements (for example 2015: Special Prize Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe represented by general director Peter Spuhler, Special Prize Schönberg Center represented by director Dr. Christian Meyer, Bosporus Prize of the Austrian Consulate in Istanbul and OPTIONAL: Special Prize Theater an der Wien/Wiener Kammeroper represented by casting director Sebastian Schwarz, Special Prize Neue Oper Wien represented by director Walter Kobera, Special Prize La Scala Milano represented by casting director Toni Gradsack, Special Prize Theater Regensburg represented by Jens Neundorff von Enzberg a.o.) Furthermore participants are often invited to attend master classes and private lessons with highly experienced teachers such as KS Christa Ludwig, KS Brigitte Fassbaender or KS Hilde Zadek.


Since 2002 the Hildegard Zadek Foundation has a very close cooperation with the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna (MDW). The MDW generously supports the competition with a number of various organisational activities, provides all necessary rooms during the competition days and together with the Hildegard Zadek Foundation, finances all costs for the Finale at the Gläserner Saal/Magna Auditorium at the Wiener Musikverein. The concept and spirit behind the competition are further supported by a host of individuals who work without compensation.


The Musikverein in Vienna hosts the Finalists´ Concert in its famous Glass Hall/Magna Auditorium. The Hildegard Zadek Foundation gratefully welcomes this multi-faceted cooperation.


The financial means of the Hildegard Zadek Foundation and the University of Music are limited. We are therfore very grateful for, welcome and recognise all other sponsors who make the continuation of this project possible. Our primary goal is to fulfill our ethical obligations. We thank you.