11th International Hilde Zadek


Voice Competition 22-27 April 2019


The Unique Competition

Focus: Opera of the 21st century






1st prize     € 10000.-


2nd prize     € 7000.-


3rd prize      € 3000.-       donated by Rosa Lena Gimbel

Prize of the Patrons


€ 1500.- sponsored by Grether’s Pastilles


Our sponsors and patrons are kindly invited to vote for an participant of their own choice.

Schönberg Center Prize


Special Prize of the Gottlob Frick Society


The prize consists in the participation in one concert at the Gottlob Frick Gesellschaft on Saturday, October 12, 2019 and on the following Sunday, October 13, 2019

in the season opening concert at the Heilbronn Symphony Orchestra in Heilbronn.


The prize will be awarded to a soprano who will then sing in an opera program together with the two renowned baritones Prof. Peter Edelmann and Paul Armin Edelmann.


The overall management of the program on both evenings is the artistic director and chief conductor of the HSO Prof. Alois Seidlmeier.


The price consists of a fee of € 1,000 each concert night plus € 250 flat rate travel expenses. The cost of accommodation at both venues will be paid by the G.F.Ges.

Additional Special Jury - Prizes are possible.

(Concerts, Opera Engagements or Masterclasses).